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Automatic Enrolment

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If your payroll needs are already being taken care of but you require support on the automatic enrolment process we have a service available to help, even if you’re late and need to bring things up to date quickly.

Backdated AE Catch-up Service (from £90 for up to two employees)

If you’ve already passed your staging date without having set anything up, we can step in, register a pension scheme with NEST bring everything up to date for you. The service costs £90 for the first two employees and covers the backdating of the pension. The costs for additional employees can be provided on request. If you have an ongoing requirement for managing the submissions to NEST and assessing employees, you would typically then move on to our AE Only service described below.

AE Only Service (from £10/mth for up to two employees)

With our Automatic Enrolment service we will set up a pension scheme with NEST (the pension provider set up by the government), assess your employees and enroll those who meet the qualification criteria.

A one-off setup fee of £60 is payable initially to cover the registration of the scheme with NEST and the communications with the Pensions Regulator and the statutory communications to the employee.

From you we would just need confirmation of the pay figures each month and the desired rates of contribution (or indeed whether you just want the statutory minimums). We will then make the necessary submissions to NEST on your behalf, keep the Pensions Regulator up to date (including submitting a declaration of compliance), write the necessary letters to your employees and advise you of a payment figure each month.

Pension Re-enrolment Service (POA)

If you have previously handled your own pension requirements and all of your employees have either opted out of the pension or were not eligible you will still need to handle the necessary automatic re-enrolment, typically every three years. This is something we can also assist with, taking the headache away from you and managing all of the paperwork.