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Payroll Service

A comprehensive payroll service for small employers.

As an employer, you have a responsibility to operate a payroll for your employees. This includes providing payslips, calculating tax and NI, reporting this information to HMRC and dealing with issues such as sick pay calculations, maternity pay funding etc.

Whilst not particularly difficult, these are time-consuming and bureaucratic, and unless you are familiar with the details of PAYE, offer many opportunities to make mistakes. HMRC apply penalties even to inexperienced employers who are late with their paperwork and payments and the HMRC Basic Tools can be a steep learning curve.

Why not let us take the headache out of paying your employees, with our low-cost payroll management service?

For a fee (starting at £20pm for up to two employees) you will be able to avoid the many pitfalls associated with running your own PAYE scheme and will be able to rest assured that you are complying fully with all relevant legislation. Your employees can also be assured that their pay and tax are being properly and promptly calculated and dealt with.

If you currently operate your own payroll or are with another payroll agency you can transfer across to our service at any time. You don’t have to wait until the start of a new tax-year as it’s possible to move everything across mid-year. In addition to our normal registration documents we would just need you to provide us with a P11 working sheet which your current provider should be able to supply you with.

Our Payroll service includes: